20 tips for perfect digestion

January 25, 2019

You digestive system uses 50% of your body energy. When you succeed to achieve a better digestion, you are feeling more energic and peaceful. Read this list and try to apply tips as much as possible.

1) Eat in an atmosphere that is tranquil and clean.  Don’t eat while working, reading, or watching television.  Always sit while eating.
2) Eat at approximately the same time everyday.
3) Don’t eat too slow or too fast.
4) Eat until ¾ of your capacity.  Don’t leave the table still hungry or very full.
5) Don’t eat before the previous meal has been digested. 
​Leave 3-6 hours between meals. 
6) Don’t eat if you are not hungry.
7) Water or fresh juice is good between meals.  Milk should never be taken with the principle meal or mixed with certain flavors (like salty or acidic foods like yogur, cheese, or vinegar).  Milk should not be mixed with meat or fish.  However it can be combined with cereal or sweet foods.
8) Eliminate to have yogurt or cheese at night (too sour, heavy).
9) Honey should not be heated or cooked (turns toxic).
​10) Stop to have cold drinks and cold meals as they are difficult to digest.
11) Sit comfortably 10-15 minutes after eating.
12) As much as possible, eat meals freshly prepared. 
13) Eliminate meals that are frozen, reheated or old (they lack any real nutrition).
14) Eat fresh food that is in season in the place you live.
15) The biggest meal should be eaten at midday (the digestion is the strongest at this time). Dinner should be light in order to be digested before bed. Breakfast is optional depending on your activity level and the time you take lunch.
16) Be free of negative emotions while eating.  Negative emotions either yours, the cook, or those around you will have a harmful effect on digestion.
17) Be grateful and respect the food that nature continually gives us.
18) Experience the six tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent) in each meal.
19) Don’t talk while chewing and keep conversation to a minimum. 
If you must talk keep it light and positive.
20) Drink hot or warm water in small sips during the day and while eating, but not during the half hour before to eat nor during the two hours following the meal.

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