5 steps to achieve your own Full-Body Orgasm

June 3, 2019

Although it is possible to use an energy practitioner to explore one's sexual energy, it is also possible to develop one's own practice. Here are 5 steps for you to move quickly in the practice of energetic pride and the experimentation of the sensations of intense and unlimited pleasures.

Understand how energy works

The circulating energies in our body through the chakras that are located in the spine. These centers can be symbolized in the form of wheels. They are 7 in number and direct your vital energy from the spine to your brain.


Practical exercise: Put yourself in front of the other side of 10cm, then concentrate to feel a slight sensation of heat and contact between the palms. Congratulations, you have just experienced your first energy experience!



The root chakra, the sexual energy pump


The complete orgasm or energy orgasm is to develop the energy in the root chakra and then extend it through the different chakras, starting from the bottom (crown chakra). In this process, the pubococcygeal muscle (also called "Perineum", it's time to stop urine when you go to the bathroom) plays a major role. Indeed, by contracting this muscle at regular intervals, it acts as a "pump" that will be awake and then develop your sexual energy.


Practical exercise: Put your password at 15 cm of your sex, then control your perineum at regular intervals. You will gradually feel an energy connection between your command and your sex that will improve as your contractions.


Explore the sensations


When your palm is in touch with one of your chakras, your goal is to maximize the intensity of this energy. While keeping in touch with your chakra, you can move your palm from 5cm to 30cm from your chakra. You can also explore different effects when you move one or more fingers at the same time. Finally, the chakras are symbolically energetic wheels, you can make circular movements faster and faster with your palm and feel a little more energy that intensifies.


Practical exercise: Go to the exploration of this energy, play with and feel the effects as development progresses. Your only limit is your imagination.


Energy waves


The circulation of energy through the chakras work like waves that have different intensity. When you feel that your sexual energy is intense in your root chakra, it is time to gradually push this wave towards the next chakra. When the intensity of this wave fades, return to your anchor point which is the energetic contact between your palm of hand and the root chakra.


Practical exercise: As if you had to gently push a wave with your fingers, put the energy wave back in each of the chakras. At this point, you should feel a slight excitement as well as tremors, no panic this is something quite normal.

Stay connected to your breathing


Throughout the experience, your breath has a major impact on the flow of energy and your feelings. When from the perineal contraction phase, it is best to take great inspirations only through the nose. As the energies expand in your body, jerky breathing through your mouth will help to gradually increase your feelings.


Practical exercise: Concentrate to visualize your air in the bottom of your spine, then take a deep breath through your nose. As you inhale, you can feel the air move up your spine to your cranial box. When you exhale this air, the oxygen follows the same path to descend gradually down the spine

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