Activate sexual energy through accupressure

June 3, 2019

When practicing Full Body Orgasm, it may happen that you need to use additional techniques to circulate the energies. Well known to the Chinese, here is a list of acupressure points that you can use between 3 to 5min. These points are given as an indication, and your regular practice threshold will help you to precisely identify these areas and discover new areas.



Sacrum: Located at the base of the back, the sacrum is recognizable by its triangular shape. Massaging the sacrum helps stimulate the genital areas and facilitates the flow of sexual energy


Navel Zone - Pubic Bone: This point is 4 fingers long on a line between the navel and the pubic bone. This pressure point helps to treat problems of lack of sexual desire and premature ejaculation.


Upper chest area: Located in the center of the chest, 5 fingers above the base of the chest, stimulate this area helps energize and open the heart chakra. This area can be stimulated by gentle tapping or by stimulating the sides of the chest with the thumb and little finger.


Leg-Trunk Zone: This point is located in the pelvic area at the junction between the legs and the trunk. It helps to increase the genital sensations and to unlock the sexual energies of the pelvic area.


Heel: On the arch and in the center of the heel, activate this pressure point helps trigger the desire in the great zone


Ankle area - Achilles tendon: Located midway between the ankle and Achilles tendon, this area is also called "Bigger stream" for its ability to release sexual energy


The big toe nail: This point is at the base of the big toe nail and at the outside and inside corners.


Navel area - genitals: Located between 6 and 8 fingers below the navel, this area is particularly sensitive for women 


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