Why are energies so scary?

June 3, 2019

When I mention the practice of full body orgasm, I often find that many people fail to overcome certain mental barriers to the words "Orgasm" "Energy" or "Sexuality". The evocation of these words suffices to close the discussion, and awakens in them a profound rejection. Let's analyze together these blockages and how to overcome them.



An incomplete scientific approach


When we do not understand something, we tend to push it away. This reality applies to a large part of the population who want scientific evidence of the existence of energies. They accept that the material world is made up of various energies including atoms, but refutes that the body has its own vital energy. It is always possible to bring a lot of evidence of the existence of these energies, but this will never be enough for someone who does not want to accept this possibility. Outside, is it not the basis of a rational scientist to carry out his own experiment to ascertain the veracity or not of his vital energy?


An inner exploration source of fear


Our entertainment society is bombarding our brains with stimuli that prevent us from taking a step back and analyzing our own inner reasoning. As proof of this, the inability to stay disconnected from his laptop or the internet. To explore one's inner world requires one to confront one's self and understand the patterns that govern us. We must face his fears and limiting beliefs but this often leads to great revelations that allow to change these habits and his life permanently.


A misunderstanding of the roots of sexuality


Sexuality is one of the most taboo subjects in society. It crystallizes many tensions and sources of anxiety instead of being a subject of exploration and amusement. This reality is all the more important when it is necessary to deconstruct several decades of false beliefs about the origin of our sexuality which is as energetic as physical. The sexual energies that drift our libido, are also the source of our vital energy that guides us in our daily actions. Thus, when an individual learns to explore and use these sexual energies, he is likely to bring about a real transformation in his life beyond what he can imagine.

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