The effects of the practice of full body orgasm

June 5, 2019

When you discover the videos of the Energetic Orgasm, we would tend to believe that the effects of the practice are limited only to sexual pleasure felt, while it acts more deeply and sometimes unexpectedly. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of the effects of Full-Body Orgasm practice.


A different pleasure

You should know that the pleasure felt during an energetic orgasm is entirely different from what one can feel when an ejaculatory orgasm. In addition, during a "classic" orgasm sexual tension is increased to the point of no return where it is relaxed. In energetic orgasm, there is no notion of "peak" then "relaxation", the sexual energy grows progressively throughout the body, which can grow sexual pleasure at will, for an unlimited period of time.


Keep your life force

Before starting a work to develop and extend the sexual energy, it does not circulate in the body, it remains blocked in the genitals, causing tension. This is when pornographic sites are used to relieve this pressure. During ejaculation, you release some of this vital energy, which is why many people feel "empty" or lack energy after the fact. By not releasing this vital energy, we can "transform" it to develop internally.


Heal your body

A disease is declared both physically and energetically. It is therefore necessary to heal on both levels, at the risk of seeing the disease reappear quickly. When we feel the energetic waves in themselves, all the cells of our body are stimulated and regenerated, thus helping to heal globally its energetic envelope. Moreover, the chakras that direct the energy in the body (often symbolized in the form of a "wheel"), can turn too fast or not fast enough and cause imbalances source of disease, the energetic orgasmie helps to restore this balanced. Fields of very interesting possibilities are being discovered, including the possibility of using the energy of plants to treat specific traumas.
Inner transformation

By raising your vital energy in all the chakras, you develop additional energy that accompanies you in your daily life and gives you a "surplus" that helps you to overcome your mental barriers and to take a different look at a situation. Little by little, there is a real inner transformation, anger and resentment giving way to greater serenity and empathy. It is possible to specifically work a chakra for observing particular effects. For example, as the energy flows through the heart chakra, the individual increases his ability to feel affection for others, his ease of being social, and a greater propensity to be happy and satisfied on a daily basis.


Make the law of attraction act
The law of attraction indicates that everything is energy in the universe and that we attract to ourselves what we think most. It is therefore necessary to know exactly what one wants and ask for but the most important part of the process and to develop its "receptivity" to the law of attraction. To do this, our brain uses the subconscious that is connected to the information of the universe. The focus of the subconscious is the neuro-sympathetic system centered on the solar plexus. On an emotional level, it generates the magnetism that attracts and manifests what you want in your life, whether good or bad! It is precisely this neuro-sympathetic system that is used throughout the Energetic Orgasmic process.

A spiritual awakening
People who practice Energetic Orgasmia may experience significant extra-sensory experiences. For example, some people see their previous lives or access Akashic memories. Here again, many possibilities remain to be exploited, and the only limits to these discoveries are the barriers that you set yourself internally.



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