The feeling to make the love with God

June 6, 2019

Eris Rabeadoro is an energy practitioner at the 3.14 center in Madagascar. Guided in his daily practice by the desire to share, to heal and to give pleasure to his patients, he tells us about his career, from his beginnings in the Full-Body Orgasm until his recent discoveries of projection of the energy of plants.




Can you tell us the first time you heard about Full-Body Orgasm?


I remember the first time I came across a video of Somananda showing a session of FBEO (Full Body Energy Orgasm). I was fascinated. Captivated. It was simply beautiful. A man was playing with the aura of a patient, and she was enjoying it, apparently with all her being, for a long time, as I never saw a girl enjoy it like that in all my life. I can not say why, but intimately, I was convinced that I could reproduce what the man on the video did. When I first spoke to members of my research center, on the 3,14, I was listened to to be polite but no one, really, thought the thing possible, unless I went to train in abroad.


What did you do at that time?


I followed my intuition. And day by day, for two years, I tried to perform the FBEO. The first tests were encouraging. The patients reported having experienced an orgasm during the session. For some, in the head. "I do not come back said one of her, I had an orgasm, but in the head! Another said, "I felt an orgasm, extremely intense, at the level of the heart". Something intense, beautiful, had occurred but not quite what I was hoping for. I wanted the same result as the videos of Somananda whose sessions began to interest scientists, especially the Germans.


The beginning of a long series of energetic orgasm ...


Then, the miracle happened. A fully successful FBEO session. Then two. Then three. Then a lot. With testimonials that left me speechless. One patient reported, "What I'm going to say is going to shock you, but I'm going to tell you. We know you and me, that we can not make love with God, but the impression I had during the session is that I made love with God. I do not speak of a physical pleasure, but of a happiness that I can not even describe to you ". This phrase, still today, resonates in my head, like a song of mystery, an enigma to be solved. Another said, "I felt two snakes climb up my spine, and it gave me immense pleasure. When they reached the level of my neck, the sensation that I felt is comparable to a bottle of sabred champagne, it was choking in my head, then the two serpents went down in front and I waited impatiently for them to go up my column again vertebral ". The testimonials were surprising, beyond a mere experience of orgasm, even Full Body and Energetic. Did you have a special technique to trigger the awakening of the Kundalini? To trigger the awakening of the Kundalini whose movement along the vertebral column gave rise to the FBEO, I planned prana with the chakra of my palm, as is done in Prana Healing. With time, I thought to myself, why not color the projected prana, as we do in Prana Healing. So I projected pink prana and what a surprise, what a craze to note, that in the very moment of the projection, the patient felt the love, the joy, the beauty that are attached to Prana Rose!



Can you tell us about the progress you have made on the projection of plant energy?


I told myself why not project the Energy of Plants and Trees. In Madagascar, the name of each plant, of each tree, reveals their function and it turns out that these functions are not only physical as elsewhere. There are plants whose names are Silence, Light, Jump, Barrier, Joy, Life, Health, etc. So I planned to see the FIRAVOANARIVO Energy and how stupefying to observe that momentarily, the patient felt the very special energy of this plant whose function is to provide immense joy, not a little joy, but a joy of phenomenal intensity. And so I knew that it was therefore possible for me to project Energy from the 488 plants and trees listed in my center, at 3.14. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest discoveries about plants on the one hand, and our energy body on the other. It is a step of Giant, as usual, emerging from a hazardous trial and error.


How do you see the future of Full-Body Orgasm?


Since then, we have filmed all of our sessions because we believe that this advance can change energy medicine and if researchers from all over the world lend themselves to the game, we will open a future full of a thousand surprises for our children. Lastly, I remember an idea from Alice Bailey in one of her telepathy books that pretty much says that the key to the medicine of the future lies in a greater knowledge of the energy body on the one hand, and a more great knowledge of the secrets of plants on the other hand.

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