5 steps to acquire good eating habits

February 5, 2019

​Sometimes, you think it’s hard to change your bad habits. You are feeling strained by your work, and you just want order pizza when you go back home, because you feel too lazy or tired to cook healthy food. But the fact is, these bad habits will create more tiredness. Now it’s time to change thanks to the following five steps.


You are what you eat
Everything you eat spreads in your body, in the form of nutrients. It rejuvenates your body, your cells and the digestive and immune system. All aspects of your life could be impacted by bad healthy habits if you don’t take care about what you’re eating. Most diseases begin with a lack of essential nutrients. Not only physically, but your mental health could also be affected through depression, deficit attention, exhaustion. If you want to succeed in all different fields of your life, you need energy. The best way to increase your energy level is to understand the consequences of your actions. It gives you the power to change your habits for the better.

Achieve a better comprehension of yourself
In our modern world, we don’t take time to enjoy meals. Each part of our food is chewed, digested and ejected without consciousness. When you see an advertisement about the latest delicious manufactured pizza available, you like the idea of the taste of this pizza, but when you’re eating the pizza, do you really enjoy the taste? We need to be careful about ideas created artificially by the mind and the realm of the experience. By the same way of consequences, pay attention to digestive consequences after meals. After few days of awareness, you will link what you have eaten with your stomach problems. After that, you could remove infectious food from your eating lifestyle.

Long-term vision Vs short-term vision
What is the most important for you: achieve your success goal or enjoy a short-term pleasure? Does make sense to enjoy a burger for lunch and feel sleepiness at your work? Even, if you feel no consequences of your bad habits in your daily life, the effect will be on the long-term frame. The temporary pleasure no longer justifies the damage done. You are the responsible of the future good achievement of your projects. It includes taking your responsibility for the negative effects of your habits and see the big picture instead of the self-instant gratification.

What’s your excuses?
There will be always excuses for the person who doesn’t wanna change. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough time. I’m sure that it will takes you less time to cut and cook carrots that order junk-food. Don’t say you don’t have the knowledge to cook, if you read me you know perfectly how to use this powerful source of knowledge called internet. Don’t complain about the cost of healthy food when your MacDonald’s bills are the double or triple cost of vegetables. If you think you will lost the taste of the food and feeling the taste of radish (I’ve already told you, I hate radish?) in your mouth for the rest of your life, it’s perfectly wrong. I bet you there is many healthy recipes and ingredients that could give you a better taste than the food you eat currently.
Obviously, if you don’t do search other alternatives, it will not works.

Enjoy the process 
Mankind is really bad about self-discipline, especially when they don’t they like to do those things. They can stand new habits for long time, but at the end it will fail because they don’t take pleasure. The purpose of life is not to impose restrictions in order to achieve goals. Instead, you must think “How can do two shots with the same stone? How can be healthier and enjoy more pleasurable food?”. Sometimes all you have to do is ask and you’ll find the answer. Remember that most of the time expectations and realities that you created in your mind, are only effective in your mind, not in the real world. ​

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